Art Buying

We happily assist our clients with any art buying needs. We put our network of industry professionals to work for you. Recommendation and assemblage of photographers, stylists, hair & make up artists.

Model- / Talent Casting

GHP can forward digital composites to you before the shoot, if desired. We can also schedule castings and secure bookings.

Locations & Permits

We understand that one of the groundpilars for good photography is the location. Wether we already know the location or we need to find it: we’re on it! We take care of everything from planning to paperwork, including contracts like shooting permissions or licenses to restricted areas.

Consulting & Conception

Consulting and developing a concept that fits your needs.

Quotation and Budget Management

Preparing budgetary estimates. Cost mangement during production.

Travel Management

Coordinating all travel arrangements, negotiating hotel and transportation needs.

Logistics / Carnet

Clearance customs, preperation and handling carnet, logistics of merchandise.

Production Management / Coordination

Our experienced team delivers superior service, designed to ensure a shoot that is problem free, cost effective and completed on schedule.

Video Production

We provide quality videography services ranging from single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera commercial shoots. Whether you are shooting a documentary, TV commercial, music video or corporate film we are here to help you succeed.